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Program Overview

As family business members, NxGs are born owners; even without holding company shares (yet), they bear the responsibility of safeguarding the family’s values, legacy, and reputation. This reality is often taken for granted, ignoring the fact that ownership resides at the core of a family enterprise, intricately weaving expectations, responsibilities, and aspirations.


What does owning the unknown mean? 
In today's landscape, responsible family owners need to navigate unknown challenges by handling privilege and sacrifice, embracing diversity, and driving meaningful impact. In this edition of the NxG International Summit, we will delve into ownership, embarking on a journey to uncover the depths of family businesses. 

Thursday 30th May

Team building & BBQ at the beach!

Put your survival skills to the test with this fun and educational team building exercise.  A great chance to meet new people and reunite with old friends.  Followed by a BBQ on the beach.

Friday 31st May

Madurodam, The Hague​

What makes the small country of the Netherlands so great? Discover this and more at
Madurodam, a small city full of beautiful miniatures, playful activities and the best
Madurodam shows how the Netherlands has grown from our old cities to the country we see today: characteristic, free and eccentric. You can still see the traces of these developments in the buildings, squares and streets, each with their own story. 

Saturday 1st May

Louwman Museum, The Hague​

Over 80 years ago the Louwman family recognised the importance of the motor car and decided to keep the highlights of motoring history so far for future generations. The Louwman Museum in fact dates back to 1934. Since then they have regularly added vehicles and over the years have gradually refined the collection. Today there are over 275 historic and classic motor cars in our museum. We do not aim to be all-encompassing – the motor industry has produced far too many cars over the past 130 years for that to be feasible. What we have done is compile a well-balanced collection of motor vehicles with a view to presenting a clear and fascinating overview of the history of the motor car.

Some of our Speakers

Program at a glance

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Start the Summit with an unforgettable Learning Journey!

In three days you will be Dutch-ified;

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