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About the Summit

"This was again a high-quality event discussing relevant matters for multi-generational family businesses. There is no other event where we can exchange ideas so openly with our peers. Thank you FBN."

The Summit is more than a conference: it is a transformational journey for owners and future owners where they interact with peers and gain tools and relations that will allow them to thrive across generations. The Summit aims to provide a “state of the art” Family Business reunion, thanks to inspirational speeches, thought leadership, world-renowned academics moderation, Family Business cases, and networking opportunities in outstanding settings.

FBN Netherlands is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2024 and we want to celebrate it together with you!


Let's embark on a journey together towards a future where family businesses not only thrive but lead the way in innovation and sustainability.


Why The Netherlands?

Embrace the Dutch spirit of independence, where bicycles outnumber inhabitants, and our cow milk sustains the world.


With a legacy of entrepreneurship spanning over 500 years, more than 60% of Dutch businesses today are proudly family-owned.


A unique opportunity to learn from these rich entrepreneurial values to boldly tackle global challenges.

We will experience the enchanting city of The Hague, a vibrant hub where innovation meets impact.


Right in the political heart of the Netherlands, this city below sea level invites you to explore its dynamic atmosphere.


Uncover the pivotal role of the NxGs as the future custodians and leaders of your family businesses because, indeed, ownership matters!


The Hague

What is the experience like?

Over the past 16 years, the NxG International Summit has brought participants to places they thought they would never go geographically, emotionally, and mentally. 

In the spirit of the NxG Communities’ mission: “Happier families and sustainable businesses through an aware and inspired Next Generation.” 


With this vision, FBN-I targets not only NxGs but also their families. The NxG International Summit is a safe space for parents to send future generations in order to gain the level of self-confidence, awareness and happiness required to become engaged and responsible future owners. 

You'll find people who:

Are ready for new experiences and surprises​


Love learning from experts and peers​


Want to expand their networks


Like to travel and get to live diverse cultures

Our code of conduct

FBN Summit 2018 - D2 High-53.jpg
Trust &
Participation & Confidentiality
Respect & professionalism
FBN Summit 2018 - D1 High-127.jpg
Non-Solicitation & Appropiate behaviour

Previous events highlights

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