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Turning the tide 
Maritime challenges 

Take This Chance

The sea plays an very important role in the history of The Netherlands. Half of the country is below sea level and much of the land has been reclaimed from the sea. Our industry is known worldwide for building dikes and embankments.

Water management is an essential skill and the sea will play an important role in our future as the rising sea levels poses a serious risk to our society, but the sea also brings opportunities to generate renewable energy.

Download the full  program and all the in's & out's of this learning journey such as arrival info, dresscodes etc.
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  • The worlds leading maritime solutions

  • The Immersive of the Port of Rotterdam, largest harbor of Europe

  • Ownership best practices

  • Dutch entrepreneurial solutions including heritage mills & innovative water barrier 

  • Your peer NxG’s

  • Borrelen at the Markthal and Kubus houses

  • Blokarting at the beach

  • Your personal family business challenge (nearly) tackled

  • Sleep-over in a floating-hotel

  • The urban & vibrant city of Rotterdam and the immense Dutch beaches



Family Business - Owners Matter

The chosen family businesses are a superb combination; all their products are highly innovative and used worldwide. Diverse families, a very large professional international family office, a family business celebrating their 100 anniversary, some in the process of succession; all have their own ownership challenges and solutions. In this journey you will visit 4 diverse family businesses in offshore construction, dredging, yachting and steel pipes.

international marine contractor delivering sustainable marine ingenuity; dredging, marine construction, offshore wind and infrastructure. 

Lely Nederland

A globally operating trading company and specialist in steel pipes and pipe and tube applications

Dredging, surveying and related marine operations

Specialist in construction, dredging, offshore and yachting.

Get Dutch-ified

In three days you will be Dutch-ified in food, social activities and traditions. Sneak peak:

Blokarting and evening walk

at the beach

Experience the vibrant, urban & harbor and city of Rotterdam

Your Personal Challenge

We guarantee the journey will inspire you to tackle your personal family business challenges. We will also use the 3 days as a pressure cooker.


Together with your talented NxG participants and our Dutch entrepreneurial skills and problem solving structures and methods, we will help you with practical steps to new insights.

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Wrap Up

The program is well organized, balanced (social & family visits), includes leisure-time and triggers your sportive self (a bit :-)).

At the end of the journey you will use the words borrelen and gezellig in every sentence, you will have plenty of energy left for the Summit and you can’t wait to do (even more) business with the Dutch.

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Monday 27th-Thursday  May 30th

  • ​Starting day: Monday May 27th afternoon

  • Meeting Point: The hotel in Rotterdam, on a walking distance from train station Rotterdam Blaak. Nearest airports: Amsterdam-Schiphol or Rotterdam

  • Locations: Rotterdam and at the beach

  • 3 Nights included. Accommodation: shared rooms (if you do want your own room, the extra costs are: €250 + VAT)

  • Dress code: Wear comfortable casual clothes and shoes


Investment per person

995 EUR


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