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Tommaso Fossati

Sella Group
NxG Vice President

Tommaso is part of one of the oldest family involved in business activities in Italy, where their first textile company dates back in 1540 and the family winery in 1671. Since 1886 the Sella family has mainly been involved in the financial sector, with the Sella Group being active in banking.

Born in Milan in 1994 and raised in Biella, he holds both Italian and Swiss citizenship. Tommaso graduated as a lawyer from Università Cattolica - Milano, in January 2020 and spent six months in the United States, studying law.

He has been involved in the Italian chapter of FBN (AIdAF) since 2015, having an official role within the local NextGen Committee since 2017. The International Network has been great part of his volunteering years. He joined the International NxG Leadership Team, as a member of the Internship Team, back in 2019 and has been the NxG Vice President for the past three years.

He worked in law firms for 5 years, specializing primarily in banking law and fintech law.

In 2020, he co-founded a start-up builder company headquartered in Milan, Italy and he is passionate about the start-up eco-system also being active as angel investor in the Italian Venture Capital.

He joined the family business in 2024, now working in the retail bank of the Group.

Tommaso Fossati
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