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Iiro Kankaansyrjä

G2 Kapasity Oy
Recycling Agent

At the age of 16 he ran his own business: selling household detergents from door to door, the record year was over a 100 k €.

He joined the family business in 2014 and has since tripled its size. The family business is in manufacturing, renting, and overhauling of commercial waste handling machinery.

Over the years Iiro has transformed the business from traditional manufacturing and renting business to a machine-circulating ecosystem which also provides knowhow by consultancy business. In 2019 he developed an IoT-device which is a universal plug and play-solution for monitoring the fill level of all existing waste compactors in the market.

A step into the future was taken in 2020 when an idea struck; an insight on top of which a huge, scalable digital waste handling ecosystem could be built. In early 2021 an intense period of meetings with potential big customers took place to give Iiro’s team maximal understanding of customers. Late in 2021 an MVP platform was already in use of early pilot customers.

Today, this scalable digital waste handling ecosystem is called Recycling Agent. It’s most likely the first digital waste handling company which can sufficiently absorb all contracts to customer’s waste handling services on its platform and reallocate the services that the operators on the market offer. The platform gives customer value by continuous tendering of the waste operators to keep the customers served only with the fittest players on the market. Gathering of the data is done with AI and IoT-smart devices.

He is the FBN Lombard Odier NxG Award 2023 winner in the Intrapreneurship category.

Iiro Kankaansyrjä
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