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Eveline Maas

Manager Academy

Eveline Maas has extensive experience working with family businesses and the dynamics involved. Having gained over ten years of experience with families, their businesses, their wealth, and the challenges that come with these at ABN AMRO Bank, she has been using her knowledge and experience for the benefit of FBNed members as Academy Manager since 2018. Besides developing and coordinating the overall programme, workshops, and forums, she also serves as a facilitator.

With her strong affinity for purpose and impact, Eveline believes that family-owned businesses, due to their long-term focus based on strong values, can further commit themselves as a 'force for good'. They are aimed at creating cross-generational value with a clear commitment to their employees and the communities they operate in. Eveline aims to stimulate family-owned businesses to leverage their influence and private capital to enhance their positive, sustainable impact on all stakeholders.

Additionally, she strives to encourage people to live more purposefully. She coaches individuals and groups to be more authentic and live by their own values and purpose.

On a personal note, Eveline loves sailing, traveling, yoga, and spending time in nature. She enjoys going on adventures with her husband and son.

Eveline Maas
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