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Esteban Urrea

G3 Leonisa Business Group
Founder & Managing Partner at Vertical Partners

Esteban is a 3rd generation member of the Leonisa Business Group. He is the founder and  managing partner of Vertical Partners, the group’s tech-focused venture capital fund and founder and chairman of Vertical Labs, a startup accelerator nurturing nascent ventures.

Esteban's diverse background encompasses finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship. After gaining valuable experience at Citibank, he joined the family business, later holding the position of CMO and CGO for the business european division, and returned to his home country after almost 10 years abroad. He actively contributes to the Group's strategic direction, serving on the Finance Committee and holding board positions across diverse businesses, ranging from textiles and F&B to AI and technology.

Driven by a commitment to economic development, Esteban has invested in over 37 startups and joint ventures across the US, Europe, Israel, and LATAM. These investments align with the Group's core values of collaboration, value creation, and ecosystem building, fostering a spirit of synergy and progress.

Esteban Urrea
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