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Brechtje van den Beuken

G2 Bosch Beton

Brechtje van den Beuken is the 2e generation and co-CEO of the family business, Bosch Beton. An ambitious family firm that manufactures prefab concrete retaining walls from its high-tech factory in Barneveld, the Netherlands.

They engineer, sell and deliver these to customers in the civil and agricultural industry in North-West Europe. Sustainability and innovation have high priority so that they can minimize their footprint for themselves and their customers.

They are working towards 100% circular and cement-free generation of retaining walls. ‘Building a solid future’ is their customer promise.

Brechtje, 4th child from a family of 6 children, never imagined taking over the family business. She mostly saw her parents' hard work alongside a busy family. Yet the love started around 2010, when she made the switch to Bosch Beton from a career in sales.


This was inspired by the fact that she wanted to be an entrepreneur,  and planned to gain experience for this within the family business. She started "at the bottom" in the sales and service department, gaining the experience she later applied from her management role in further organising and structuring the organisation. In this way, the love for the family business still came in her heart. 


In 2015 she was responsible for setting up the German arm of the company, which is now the second largest sales country for the company. In 2019, she and her youngest brother bought the family business with trough a complete buy-out structure.


Since then, several foreign associates have been added, as well as new applications for retaining walls, so the company has almost doubled. This is how Bosch Beton has become a house supplier for parties such as Prorail (Dutch railways) and Fastned.

They are also helping to build the new sea wall near the coast of Scheveningen with their retaining walls.


‘I have an enormous drive and see it as my personal mission to lead this company, together with my brother, through the sustainability transition in the coming years, so that the right to exist can also be guaranteed for future generations.

Not an easy road, but a challenging one! Because my brother and I have divided the tasks between us, we create the 1+1=3 effect; allowing us to excel at the same time as keeping balance.


Together with our people, we work very hard in an informal atmosphere to achieve our goals, with customer satisfaction as an important indicator. And that is what motivates me every day!

Brechtje van den Beuken
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