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Albert Jan Thomassen

FBNed Executive Director

He is the executive director of FBNed, the Family Business Network in the Netherlands and co-founder of FBN International. He is an experienced resource, advisor and educator on governance and succession topics for family owned businesses. He is known for his ability to constructively work on balancing family, ownership and business issues to support clear strategic choices for the continuity and prosperity of the family business. Identifying and addressing emotional interests in a functional manner is an integral part of his work.

He enjoys moderating and facilitating family business meetings. Albert Jan has presented to family businesses audiences in numerous countries in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, North and South America.

He regularly works with business owning families, especially multi generation families with sibling or cousin teams. He is valued for his unique approach in which he combines a clear and pragmatic way of advising and facilitating change processes with an in depth understanding and respect for the special dynamics of the family business.

Specialties: Family Business Governance, Succession, Ownership vision and strategies, Continuity Planning

Albert Jan Thomassen
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