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Michael M. Meier

Group Leader of Global Family Business Advisory
Egon Zehnder

Michael Meier is co-head of the firm’s global Family Business Advisory. He works closely with numerous family entrepreneurs and management on succession planning and in situations involving disruptive change. Michael also advises shareholders, chairpersons and CEOs on the selection, appraisal and development of senior executives and board members. He is passionate about drawing up succession processes, both for non-family management as well as next-gen development, to develop best-in-class leaders for family and public enterprises. He also specializes in working with “difficult” teams.

Prior to joining Egon Zehnder, Michael was Vice President of Brand Management for Hilti Corporation, Head of Marketing at Bertelsmann, and a Project Leader with BBDO.

Michael earned an MA and a PhD from the University of Munich and an MBA from OUBS in the U.K., in addition to attending universities in Scotland and France. He has authored books and published articles on marketing and talent development in Harvard Business Manager, Absatzwirtschaft, and Horizont. Outside of work, he is passionate about his family, literature, the arts, cycling, and running.

Michael M. Meier
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